Keteon Ares Menendian immigrated to the USA in 1898. He came to New York City and worked several jobs. One of those jobs was at a restaurant, where he became friends with an Oriental rug dealer who eventually offered him a job. In the 1900-1908 years, he and another gentleman would take extended trips up into New York State, across Pennsylvania, down thru Ohio and back to New York City. In each town they would do what we would call ‘trunk shows.’ They would come to a city and inquire who had the finest furniture store and go and work out a deal with the owner to show their rugs for a few days or weeks.

In 1910, K.A. (now working on his own) was offered a permanent space in the F. G. & A. Howald Furniture Co. which had a sterling reputation. Fortunately, he made the right decision and moved his young wife and made Columbus his home. Through hard work and honesty, he was able to establish and build the business.

His two sons, Raymond & Ernest, both worked in the business, helping the store to thrive during the 20’s and survive the 30’s. K.A. passed away suddenly in 1944 and Raymond gave up a career in chemical engineering to take over the business. He guided the company through the 50’s, during which he oversaw the building of the rug washing plant on West Fifth Avenue in 1951 and then the relocation of the retail operation adjacent to the plant in 1957. Ray’s son Walter joined the firm in 1958 and Philip came on board in 1971.

Phil and Cathy Menendian carried on the tradition of selling fine Oriental Rugs through 2009, when they retired and sold the business to John, Brent and Chad Martin.

The Martins bring their own history of rug services, dating back to 1890 and continuing with the purchase of K.A. Menendian...the trusted source since 1910 for quality rug sales and service expertise.


“K.A. Menendian is a very, very fine rug company. They’re of the highest quality and very, very reputable”

Lucille Laufer,

Executive Director of the Oriental Rug Importers Association

100+ years

of quality service

K.A. Menendian remains one of the oldest & most respected Oriental rug stores in the USA and is proud to have just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010.